Hello! My name is Ashleigh. Thanks for stopping by!

I am a freelance writer and proofreader based in Sydney, Australia.

If you’re looking for a writer or proofreader for any upcoming projects, get in touch. Let’s have a chat. We can discuss exactly what you need, what I can do for you and together we’ll create something amazing.

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Why Might You Need Writing and Proofreading Services?

As technology and the internet develops, there are more and more websites and content to compete with.  That’s why it’s so important to develop clear, concise and effective written content across all mediums for your business – especially on the web.  Poorly written and structured content leaves a bad impression and undermines the professionalism of your business.

Get it right the first time with professionally written content designed to speak directly to your target market and achieve the outcome you are hoping for.

Work laden with errors also won’t do your business any favours.  Typos as well as spelling and grammatical errors are easily overlooked and sometimes it takes a second, objective eye to detect and correct these errors. Hiring a professional proofreader means the laborious and time-consuming process of combing for errors is done for you.

For high quality written work or proofreading at competitive prices and delivered on time contact me today.