Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Upon engagement, the following Terms and Conditions will be deemed to be accepted by you.

Engagement commences when the project details are discussed and both parties agree to a payment amount and due date.  A Letter of Agreement outlining details will be provided and must be signed by both parties.

Once project details are discussed, you will be provided with a quote.  Unless major changes are made by you during the course of the project this amount is not subject to change.

The quoted amount will include unlimited revisions (within reason) until you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

A deposit amounting to 15% of the total quote is required upfront. This deposit is non-refundable.

Full payment is required within five working days from completion of project.  An invoice and receipt will be provided.

Payment must be made by direct bank transfer or Paypal

Due Date
Work will be delivered by the agreed upon date, except in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond control.  Should such reasons prevent delivery, Ashleigh Julia will not be liable for any loss or damage caused.

Additionally, if a delay is caused by your failure to reply to correspondence, provide necessary documents or information or respond with feedback to drafts, Ashleigh Julia will not be liable for any loss or damage caused.

Cancellation Fee
Should you wish to cancel the project after work has commenced, you will be liable for the full quoted fee or a percentage thereof based upon the amount of work completed.

You acknowledge that work submitted by you for proofreading, editing or rewriting is owned by you and does not violate the copyright of any third parties. Accordingly, Ashleigh Julia will not accept responsibility for any such breach of copyright.

Ashleigh Julia will not disclose any confidential information obtained in the course of the project.